The next video standard for all contents and devices.

Most efficient solution for video transcoding, live streaming, and webinars.

What we do

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Best way to provide features for online video ecosystem for your users to your platform.

a. API and SDK for easy integration to your platform.

b. Unmatched processing capability for massive amount of video uploads.

c. Fine control video accessibility for different groups of audience.

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Optimized for various live streaming protocols.

a. Use RTMP/WebRTC/HLS according to your needs.

b. API and SDK for easy implementation of live streaming applications. (chat & ecommerce)

c. Easy to use dashboard for controlling features and viewer analysis.

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Webinar solution for massive audience around the world.

a. Proven solution that works.

b. Live stream ingestion with 3rd party software. (OBS, vMix)

c. Live stream high quality video world wide.

d. Bringing the streamer and the audience closer. (live chat and QnA)

Build your first video experiences for your business.

a. If you choose FF Lite, you can upload video file by 10, 2 videos at the same time b. In case of Flipflop Live, 3 live videos per day.


FLIPFLOP is providing price plans in terms of your business scope and usage. Each plan has different features of functions. Please check out FLIPFLOP price plan carefully and choose one.

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Live (Commerce) Streaming.

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Live Webinar (1:1, 1:Many, Many:Many, Screen transferring / Video Conference screen transferring)

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Video Transcoding (Video transcoding / Compression)




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